Cum plasez o comanda online

In the following article, we want to meet you with a tutorial command.
To place an order on site are required steps below:

1. After accessing the site, you have two choices we can search for a product like this: Through the „Search” or accessing the menu to „Store” onlin 12.After you select the desired product in order to place your order We must select the size and color of the product. If you would like graphics and editing press „you can edit the pattern” (See „Tutorial – How do I edit?).


3. After the product has been added to your shopping cart, you can either continue shopping or if you do not want something, go cart to complete your order.


Shopping 4.Cosul contain a product / product selected by you If everything is okay, click „At checkout” to place your order on.


5. To place your order, you must fill in all fields with your information delivery.



6. After you click „Place Order” your order reaches us all delivery dates and contact your

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